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Deadly Sin #1: Waiting Too Long to Plan

January 9, 2016

It is not a secret that the time we have on this world is finite. This does not only apply to our entire lifespan however… ​Have you ever had a day when you wished was just one hour longer? No matter how much you might want to finish your project on time, no matter how much you might want to put off to the following day, it always comes. Time is precious and what you do and what you experience... View Article

Pop Quiz: Who Will Inherit Your 401K’s and IRA’s?

June 10, 2015

Remember when you had open book quizzes? Those were the days. Managing your finances can be challenging. So here is a quick quiz to help identify areas of opportunity. This is a self-graded, open book quiz. You may refer to any materials in your possession; you may even copy your neighbor’s answers, though it will likely not help. Here are the quiz questions: List each of your 401k and IRA accounts. Name the beneficiaries of each account. Extra Credit: Describe... View Article