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Eliminating Ambiguity in Estate Planning

March 21, 2016

When it comes to explaining estate planning to someone…it’s hard, even for John Coppola. Like many complicated topics, the best way to illustrate the main points is through conjecture and stories. While there are many pitfalls that one may come to in their quest for the perfect estate, some of the most famous ones show clearly just what bad planning can get you. One case is the will of Jerry Garcia, the leader of the Grateful Dead. When he passed... View Article

It’s About Life

March 21, 2016

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, it’s important to realize that it’s a celebration of new life and seen by many as the official advent of springtime! In the spirit of this, it sometimes seems dark to think about the necessity for estate planning. Too many people see writing wills and estates as being symbolic of the end of life, but these views are exceptionally limited. What if we told you that estate planning is all about life? If this... View Article

What Sets Apart Estate Attorneys?

March 14, 2016

Every Lawyer in the country went through schooling and passed the BAR exam in the states in which they practice law. Besides whatever additional courses that Estate Attorneys took, the level of education between most attorneys is roughly equal. So then what differentiates an estate attorney from a defense or tax lawyer? The answer is obvious. As you may have already thought, different specialties require different skill sets. But what if we told you that there was something else that... View Article

RECAP: 7 Deadly Sins

March 7, 2016

Over the past two months, we have reviewed what it is that we believe at Coppola Law Firm to be the 7 deadly sins of estate planning. Individually, each of the sins that we went over can mean thousands of dollars lost from you to the probate process. If you haven’t been following us these past couple months, here’s a quick breakdown: 1. Waiting Too Long ​Life is full of unexpected occurrences; many of our clients wait until the bitter... View Article

Deadly Sin #7: Hiring an Attorney that Can’t Handle Businesses

February 29, 2016

Maybe you don’t own a business, but we’re sure that you know at least one person that does. In the world of estate planning, we hear a lot of stories about businesses that tank with the passing of the owner. In many cases, the business and its shares do actually come under the ownership of those that your estate plan has designated, but, it is all too common that the recipients are simply not business-savvy enough to keep it profitable.... View Article

Deadly Sins #6: Being Cheap

February 22, 2016

We’ve all seen the ads that promise a will for a couple hundred dollars, right? They promise a will and some other important documents, but is it truly worth it? Before you decide to hand the planning of your entire future over to an inexperienced lawyer straight out of law school consider this: You get what you pay for. Estate law is a very complicated and fluid field of law. The laws and regulations not only change with your socio-economic... View Article

Deadly Sin #5: Having a Non-Evolving Estate Plan

February 15, 2016

So, say you’ve put together all your papers, you’ve met with an experienced Estate Attorney and you had a comprehensive plan drafted. You’re done right? Absolutely Not! What would happen if you went to the doctor one time and never returned? That would never happen right? We are taught to get annual physicals for a very good reason: Things change all the time. What if you had begun developing a degenerative disorder? You would never know until it was too... View Article

Deadly Sin #4: Your Estate is Not Big Enough for Planning

February 8, 2016

It is a no-brainer for rich folks, that they must have a plan for their estate at the time of their passing. They don’t want to be hassled with unnecessary taxes that will take a significant chunk of their life’s earnings away. However, maybe the rich folks have it right. Regardless of your lot in life, a comprehensive plan is a must. Even if you have only made just enough to get by at the time that a plan would... View Article

Deadly Sin #3: It’s All About Death

January 27, 2016

Newsflash: Estate planning services are not limited to death. It’s easy to think that your estate planning is a plan in the event of your death, so that your heirs can have as much as possible upon your passing, but that is only half of the puzzle. The other half is LIFE! A good estate planner will also help with your dealings with the government before. We know that Medicaid is particularly difficult for many people. Also, there will be... View Article

Deadly Sin #1: Waiting Too Long to Plan

January 9, 2016

It is not a secret that the time we have on this world is finite. This does not only apply to our entire lifespan however… ​Have you ever had a day when you wished was just one hour longer? No matter how much you might want to finish your project on time, no matter how much you might want to put off to the following day, it always comes. Time is precious and what you do and what you experience... View Article