Deadly Sin #2 Hiring an Inexperienced Attorney

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Deadly Sin #2 Hiring an Inexperienced Attorney

January 25, 2016

Imagine this: you’re advanced in years and need surgery.

  • Would you choose an inexperienced doctor?
  • If you wanted to plan your finances, would you hire an inexperienced planner?
  • What if they were cheaper?

​The answer would still be, “No.” You wouldn’t settle for cut rate service when it comes to something important even if it was cheaper.

That’s not the only thing. Would you hire a doctor that is experienced and expensive, but doesn’t specialize in the operation you need? No. You would choose the doctor that is most likely to succeed.

Why would you have an attorney that is inexperienced in the field of estate planning? It is just as important and requires just as much skill as finances or health.

And yet, we see time and time again that people choose the cheaper choice. Either choosing new attorney or one that is not well versed in estate planning.

Did you know: there are all sorts of questions and circumstances that an estate-planning attorney has to consider?

Such as:

  1. Do you need a trust at all?
  2. If so how many?
  3. What type?
  4. What kind of assets need to be accounted for

Different kinds of heirs need to be treated differently.

​Incorrect or incomplete estate planning can result in the government taking up to 40% of your estate! That’s a problem.
At the end of the day, it’s not about the money, it’s about the people. Your family needs to be protected from harassment by the government. Don’t allow your assets to become a burden to them because you planned poorly.

Fortunately the Coppola Law Firm has everything you need to plan effectively. It is our mission to protect your family through meticulous and effective estate planning.

Plan correctly. Start with us.