Deadly Sin #5: Having a Non-Evolving Estate Plan

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Deadly Sin #5: Having a Non-Evolving Estate Plan

February 15, 2016

So, say you’ve put together all your papers, you’ve met with an experienced Estate Attorney and you had a comprehensive plan drafted. You’re done right?

Absolutely Not!

What would happen if you went to the doctor one time and never returned? That would never happen right? We are taught to get annual physicals for a very good reason: Things change all the time. What if you had begun developing a degenerative disorder? You would never know until it was too late.

Estate planning is very similar. If you have already drafted your estate plan, then great! But, if it’s been over a year since you’ve spoken to your attorney, then you could be in serious trouble, and not even know it.

Our lives change. What if you had gotten married, divorced, or had children? Has your job or salary changed in the last year? Not every event in our lives comes with a reminder to call your attorney. That responsibility falls largely on your own shoulders to follow up on your estate plan.

That is, if you have an attorney that does not keep you accountable. Good estate attorneys will follow up with their clients in the same way that a good doctor’s office will remind their patients of their yearly physical.

​All the lawyers of the Coppola Law Firm understand that accountability and follow-through is an integral part of our superior service. So even if you get married and in the thrill of the moment, forget to update your estate plan, we’ve got you covered.

Never settle for less than the best.