Deadly Sins #6: Being Cheap

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Deadly Sins #6: Being Cheap

February 22, 2016

We’ve all seen the ads that promise a will for a couple hundred dollars, right? They promise a will and some other important documents, but is it truly worth it? Before you decide to hand the planning of your entire future over to an inexperienced lawyer straight out of law school consider this:

You get what you pay for.

Estate law is a very complicated and fluid field of law. The laws and regulations not only change with your socio-economic status, but also with your physical location. It changes based on how much money you have or how much debt you’re in. The documents and safeguards required change if there’s children or businesses involved.

It’s a field that even veteran attorneys still aren’t entirely comfortable with. Furthermore, the plan you set now will stick for years to come. And the damage that you could inflict upon yourself in the process of trying to save a few hundred dollars will have to be undone by an experienced estate lawyer, which could cost you thousands.

Don’t make that mistake. The difference between the most expensive estate attorney and the cheapest could be only a couple thousand dollars, but when you compare that your entire worth, and the emotional expense and frustration that your family will go through once its time to put a mediocre will into effect, you will quickly find that a good, experienced estate lawyer is worth his or her weight in gold. Not only will a good attorney put together all the necessary and comprehensive documents, but they will follow up with you regularly to ask about any changes in your life that will certainly have an effect on your estate (See “Deadly Sin #5).

Unfortunately, not every law firm is as experienced as they ought to be, even if they do charge thousands of dollars for their services.. Choosing an estate lawyer is like choosing a surgeon; even an inexperienced doctor can charge thousands.

That’s why we, at Coppola Law Firm, only have experienced and talented legal minds behind all of our estate plans: to allow our clients to have the opportunity to choose a stellar attorney.