It’s About Life

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It’s About Life

March 21, 2016

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, it’s important to realize that it’s a celebration of new life and seen by many as the official advent of springtime!

In the spirit of this, it sometimes seems dark to think about the necessity for estate planning. Too many people see writing wills and estates as being symbolic of the end of life, but these views are exceptionally limited. What if we told you that estate planning is all about life?

If this seems counter-intuitive, it’s because you’re missing one half of what estate planning is. First off, the reason why we provide plans for families and individuals, is to aid those left behind. Your family and friends are the most important things in your life, and their lives will go on. The choice you have is to care for them or to burden them with dealing with the state for years to come.

But that’s not it.

An estate attorney’s job extends far beyond writing a will or trust for you. The job also encompasses everything you will need while you live out your life. There are countless documents that everybody needs to establish themselves confidently in life.

The thing about life is that it is constantly changing. What if you decide to start a business, or your financial status changes in any way? This changes what an estate attorney needs to plan for. Similarly, if the status of your health changes, it is the duty of a good attorney to see to it that you have all of your affairs in order to streamline the processes behind any sort of procedure or assisted living.

Usually, this responsibility falls upon the shoulders of your family and friends, whom you hold in confidence to assist you in the same way that you tirelessly care for them. A proper attorney will act as a bridge so that your family doesn’t need to be concerned with the processes and documents involved in life-changing situations.

If writing an estate plan and checking in occasionally was the only job of an estate planner, then you and your family will be stuck with whatever problems stem from any significant change in life.

John Coppola and those at the Coppola law firm practice in a way that puts you and your family’s welfare first. You should not have to be left alone to fight the state in the times that good old fashioned love and care are needed.

“My greatest value is my family,” said John Coppola, and he and his firm put that belief to work for every client and in every case.

We understand that you family needs you, but it is sometimes harder to realize that you also need your family. At times, the state simply gets in the way of what matters most. That’s why you always need a legal advocate working 24/7 for you. It’s all about peace of mind.

Do you have someone looking out for you and your family? Let us do that for you.