What Sets Apart Estate Attorneys?

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What Sets Apart Estate Attorneys?

March 14, 2016

Every Lawyer in the country went through schooling and passed the BAR exam in the states in which they practice law. Besides whatever additional courses that Estate Attorneys took, the level of education between most attorneys is roughly equal.

So then what differentiates an estate attorney from a defense or tax lawyer? The answer is obvious. As you may have already thought, different specialties require different skill sets. But what if we told you that there was something else that set apart estate attorneys, something not having to do with their education but having to do with their “why?”

Can you guess it? The answer is, that estate attorneys have one goal, to avoid court hearings and to make legal matters as painless as possible for their clients. Typically, trials in court are the most lucrative things for lawyers or any discipline, including estate attorneys. Don’t you find it odd that an estate attorney makes his living by avoiding the very thing that could make him rich?

The field of estate planning is chosen only by those lawyers who have a passion for helping their clients, not one for simply making money. John Coppola and the other attorneys of the Coppola law firm all share this passion and enjoy aiding families and individuals who want and need to avoid the probate process.

John Coppola has said that greatest value is family. In his life, he has always put it first. It makes sense that he would choose a career in which he could communicate his same love.

​Estate Attorneys are a rare breed. The have chosen to shun the most lucrative parts of a law practice in order to ensure the legacies and security of loved ones.

​So now you know. Who’s your attorney?